NexGen is a leading designer sanitary ware manufacturer in India. The challenge was they needed a 360 degree marketing representation in almost all relevant media. This had to get the brand in alignment with all channels and designs had to meet the required goal.

Chasing multiple media means carrying out details for each size and scope of how the media will represent brand and products.

Brand Identity

With the name and products being specifically NEXT GENERATION SANITARYWARE, the visual identity had to be futuristic and yet easy to grasp and remember.

Our team designed minimalist bold font based logo with icons representing the next generation. Simple and easy on the eye identity had a strong impact of being different and unique in the sanitary ware industry.


The catalogue would also have to be futuristic as well as simple and minimalist. Elegance of catalogue would have to take the emotion of elegant products as well.

We chose soft greys and whites to highlight universal colours and created visuals that would soothe the eyes and softly impress.

The richness was enhanced with relevant texts and well placed non designelements.



Printing Technology

To align with the quality we needed to deliver, we had to employ the best raw material and technology. Our team worked in design and on printing taking into consideration every single detail that would make the catalogue of global standards.


Products Modelling

In a time of short attention spans, it is imperative to help customers and influencers see the product rather than imagine them. We created most elegant and beautiful 3D visuals of products creating visual bathrooms that would completely impress the viewer.

With product displays coming up realistic, it helps architects and interior designers to select pieces matching their own vision.

Experienced photographers worked on a whole shift to come up with a few remarkable images that would work wonders in hoardings and print.

Photography For Hoarding

Of the many pieces of sanitary ware, we choose the most differentiating pieces to carry out photography for the client. The photography would go into multiple media and hence had to be totally striking and attractive.

Experienced photographers worked on a whole shift to come up with a few remarkable images that would work wonders in hoardings and print.

Designs for OOH and Bill Boards.

Out of Home advertising is a key media where presence of our brand would make a positive brand value. However, it is a high cost element and hence desing had to be effective.


We have designed exceptional and out of the box hoardings for the brand to outshine competition and make a deep impression on viewers of the advertisements. Bill board designs match the same theme as of calatogue and hoardings.



Packaging is one branding element neglected in sanitary ware sector. However, it has a very positive brand appeal. Any sanitary ware packed well gives it a premium value. We have designed packages keeping in mind protection of the product, easy to carry and store and most of all take the brand impression with them as and where they go.

Digital Presence

We live in a worlds connected by digital networks. Coming up fast as an accepted media, digital has to be at front of any brands strategy. We design and promote valuable content on social media that aligns with our core marketing fundamentals. We have created a beautiful website to represent our products to the world. Beyond that they can know what the brand stands for and also communicate to us their needs through any of these channels.